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Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)

Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)

Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)

The Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) became well-known in the martial arts world through the efforts and expertise of Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman. Shortly after, it gained fame after being featured in several major well-known movies, thereby gaining favor among people from various walks of life.


Keysi Fighting Method Makes a Name for Itself in the Movies

Batman Begins, its sequel The Dark Knight, and Mission Impossible III all played pivotal roles in promoting popularity of the Keysi Fighting Method. As Christian Bale portrayed Batman, his stunt double effortlessly employed KFM moves. Then, Tom Cruise endorsed the Keysi Fighting Method in several stunts he pursued during his role the movie Mission Impossible.


The Instinct of Survival

The Keysi Fighting Method involves a realistic street defense system founded on the basic instinct of fighting to survive. You assume the role of predator rather than submitting to the position of prey. Martial arts gurus from many countries around the globe find KFM to be a great fighting approach, as it teaches you to swiftly adjust your movements to acclimate to a range of hostile settings in a fluid and effective way.


Some History of KFM

Justo Dieguez was the original founder of the Keysi Fighting Method. Keysi, also known as Dieguez’s nickname, has its origins in Spain in the early 1950’s. Its full assembly was the product of Dieguez’s diverse life experience on the streets, his disciplined self-study, various research, and dedication to martial arts. From a young age, Dieguez battled on the streets to survive.

At age 10, he left home and worked and fought extremely hard to earn a living. Eventually, this paid off as he is now known as a top martial arts mentor around the world.

Andy Norman, the co-founder of KFM, shared his assorted knowledge and expertise in martial arts with Dieguez while KFM was in its initial stages of development. In 2012, Norman branched off from Keysi to begin another martial arts system called Defense Lab.

KFM was established to suit the needs of many people who desired a comprehensive self-defense system. Keysi’s main goal focuses on the ability to defend yourself even if being confronted by multiple aggressors. This technique stresses the importance of your upper body strength as Keysi is most effective when fighting in close-contact range with your attacker(s).

The KFM system involves both mental and physical strength as the two powers work together cohesively. Your physical expertise is most effective if maintaining awareness of your surroundings and anticipating the actions of your enemy.


Discipline and Reflection

There are two central components to the success of the Keysi Fighting Method training. First of all, you need to maintain discipline and respect as you train either by yourself, with a mentor, or in a group setting. These characteristics, not always easy to uphold, are at the core of the self-defense program. Without discipline and honor, the integrity of the Keysi Fighting Method quickly diminishes. Secondly, as you develop from a beginning KFM practitioner to more of an expert, you need to keep a journal for reflection and growth.

Rely on the notebook to collect your thoughts on your training experience, reflect on what you’ve learned in each KFM session, and consider your next plan for improvement. While often overlooked, journaling is a vital part to the KFM program as it helps you more accurately chart your progress while also boosting your development to achieve or even surpass your goals.


Utilize Your Surroundings

Keysi employs numerous attacking ranges as it encourages defenders to tap into all of their surroundings to heighten their fighting capabilities and success. This may include relying on a wall, a door, a window, or even a tree.

By grabbing an attacker’s arm, moving a certain way, or making a minor adjustment, you can deflect the power or direction of a punch as you lead the impact away from you and, as a result, better your chances of a victory.

KFM supports close-contact battles as there should be little room between you and your opponent during the attack. With this in mind, kicks, of any kind, are rarely used or needed.

Learn About the ��Pensador’ Position

In the Keysi Fighting Method, the guard position also called the ��Pensador’ is a central stance you need to master.

The Pensador posture, also called the ��thinking man’ pose, relies on a tight defensive form similar to that of a football player preparing for the quarterback’s command. In the ��Pensador’ stance, your hands are placed together and raised up in front of you to shield your face and your head while your forearms and elbows act as weapons as they simultaneously guard your stomach. This protective position allows the combatant defend and attack concurrently.

Defendants can still see their opponents while protecting themselves and they are aptly ready for the potential of multiple attackers.


Keysi Is For Everyone

The Keysi Fighting Method is a suitable style of defense practcial for anyone regardless of their history, technique preference, or level of martial arts expertise. In the simplest terms, KFM provides a straightforward style to successfully combat an attacker or attackers in a variety of situations or settings. While conquering the Keysi Fighting Method may take some time and probably a little bit of patience, KFM is a sensible system that individuals can develop and master and the training involved with Keysi can show results in just a few short weeks.


Defending Yourself is an Important Matter

Self-defense is a vital concern in a person’s life whether you are a martial arts expert or not. Whoever you are, it is critical to know how to defend yourself in times of need. The Keysi Fighting Method is a natural choice and a smart choice as the techniques involved are realistic, effective, and doable for any interested candidate.

With the method, you can be sure to learn just as much in self-defense without having to go through the rigor that most martial arts experts today went through. Adopting skills from the KFM will offer you worthwhile skills where you can effectively defend yourself while uniquely expressing your individuality, your talent, and your authority.

You never know when being able to defend yourself might come in handy.

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