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How to Gain Muscle Fast and Naturally

How to Gain Muscle Fast and Naturally

How to Gain Muscle Fast and Naturally


If you are thinking of gaining your muscle in a week or so then rethink your strategy. People who gain muscle don’t do it in a week.

They spend months in order to achieve this goal of theirs. If you can spare the time then you have the advantage of being able to access some cutting edge technology that is now available for gaining muscle. You have the most modern gyms with the most modern equipment that can turn your body into a well-toned machine.


With the right strategy in place, it is easy to gain muscle fast. Let us explore four ways that you can gain muscle fast and naturally.



1. The first thing you need to do is weight train your entire body. If you are into traditional weight lifting then you would be splitting your body parts and devoting the exercise to them separately.

But if you want to gain muscle fast you will need to burn body fat while building your muscles at the same time. Ask your trainer to give you an exercise routine where you have separate exercises for different body parts.

After consultation with your trainer, make sure you do two sets a day. Your trainer will also recommend the pattern you need to follow. Make sure you are taking adequate rest in between.



2. Your diet is also very important when it comes to gaining muscles. Ensure that your food intake consists of a lot of essential fatty acids.

Since most of us are deficient in essential fatty acids and cannot produce enough, it is important that we get fatty acids from our food. People tend to ignore the fact that fatty acids are absolutely essential to gain muscle fast. Some of the best sources of fatty acids are fish and flaxseed.



3. Your protein intake should also be adequate. Protein helps the growth of muscles and looks after muscle development. There is a rough calculation that you can make to deduce how much protein you should consume.

Someone with a 20 inch arm should consume one gram of protein for each pound of their body weight. So, if I have 18 inch arms and my body weight is 150 pounds, I should consume about 135 grams of protein a day.



4. Don’t eat food that is catabolic. Catabolic food is something that burns more calories to get digested than it supplies. Since you will be consuming food that is anabolic in nature you should look to keep it that way and not eat food to lose calories.

You will, in any case, be burning a lot of calories when you go through your exercise regime; you need intake of calories in the form of food. This is when you will find that you are able to gain muscle fast.



Don’t be in a hurry to gain muscle very fast. Listen to what your trainer has to say and adhere to the advice. Gaining muscles fast does not mean that you forget about everything and keep on exercising through the day. Follow a regime and enjoy it.


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