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How to choose best martial art for self defense

How to choose best martial art for self defense

How to choose best martial art for self defense

Martial Arts For Self Defense – Steps to Choosing the Right One and Top 5 Best Self Defense Martial Art

Martial arts are not only great sports but are also the best way to stay fit. However, they also come in handy when used for self-defense. In fact, this is arguably the final result for many of them. Until you get involved in martial arts it’s difficult to know just how frail and in danger you would be during a confrontation or a physical attack.

The reason why some martial arts are well suited for self-defense is because they blend the functional movements of the body with cardiovascular training, agility, flexibility and spatial awareness. Here are the 5 steps to choosing the best martial art for self defense


4 steps To Choosing the Best Art for Self Defense

1. Dispel the common myth- When choosing martial art you need to know that the art is not going to fight for you. It would not make sense to take a fight when you know very well that you cannot manage it. Claims that there are superior styles that can make you good within 24 hours are wrong. Its, unfortunate that most people taking up martial arts are looking for shortcuts. This can make you miss a lot on very important and valuable stuff.

2. Know what you want the training for- Before taking up a martial art, it’s important to know why you are taking up the training. It’s not obvious that you want to learn martial arts for self-defense. Remember, people often learn it for a number of reasons. Maybe you only want to meet new people, get rid of stress or learn it as a hobby. You need to really think about why you want to learn a martial art so that you can prioritize and focus towards that.

3. Know the style- When it comes to martial arts there are many styles that you can learn. The main difference between the styles is the focus. For instance, martial arts such as Tae Kwon do not focus on large kicking movements. Ideally, your body type will help you a lot in choosing the best style for you. If you are short, wide, and slow then Jiu Jutsu may be the ideal style for you. Remember, neither informal no formal is better it’s always a matter of preference.

4. Practical issues – After choosing the best style it’s important to consider whether the school is within your location. It’s pointless to choose a certain style only to realize that the school is not located near you. In fact, some of the most practical things to consider include the location of the school, class schedule, fees and how it fits into your schedule. Although you should narrow down on the school located next to you it’s important to visit them so that you know whether they offer what you need.

Top 5 self defense martial arts

1. Kickboxing

best martial art for self defense

This is one of the best art for self defense. If you are walking down the street and stranger attempts to attack you he might not know any other skill apart from swinging and moving forward. Kickboxing is the best since it concentrates on punches and kicks that are directedat all openings.

If the opponent has a knife or a gun that is within reach you are more armed than him because you have your feet, hands, elbows, head, and knees.

Simply walk towards him and throw a straight kick towards his chin. If you do this well it will probably break his jaw or shutter is teeth. If you are trained well you can deliver this so efficiently.

2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

best martial art for self defense

This kind of art is focused on devastating sweeps, takedowns, joint locks, limb manipulation and chokes. Apart from judo and wrestling, it gives you the advantage of using punches and kicks in a standing position to the place where only skills specific for these prevails. Because of this, it’so the best art especially if you are dealing with a single attacker. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not only beautifully blend but is also physically demanding hence it conditions you in a unique way. To master it, you only need to practice.

3. Karate

best martial art for self defense

In karate, special focus is placed on attack deflection. This is because most knife attacks and punches are always directed towards you hence few fighters are naive to carry out a looping haymaker. Although a punch to the head and face are important the opponent will be ready so block his left hand with your right hand and punch with the other hand directly into the spot below his sternum. But in case he charges forward, you can snap a kick into his solar plexus or stomach. If you target these places he will be forced to move back in agony.

4. Wrestling

best martial art for self defense

This is also another type of martial arts that takes center place. Although wrestling starts when you are standing it often features top position control and takedowns. Just like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it does not have any punching or kicking. It largely focuses on controlling the opponent. As compared to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it’s better because it has less stalling in its advanced stages. In wrestling, there is more emphasis on endurance and strength.

5. Wing Chun Kung Fu

best martial art for self defense1

Although this is often termed as too formal for self-defense, it’s still the ideal one for self defense. In this kind of art, you block your opponent and face him with the other by attacking him straight to the chest repeatedly walking into him as you continue to attack. For you to succeed, you only need to practice a lot on your speed. For instance, you should be able to do over 15 punches before the opponent does anything. The good thing is that these also have the capability of keeping elbows close to your sides preventing him from grabbing your arm. The closer you are to him the easier it is.

Wrap up

Although training in martial arts is more dangerous than other training. Due to the benefits of self defense, it’s worth it. Whatever type you choose, ensure that you practice well and you are good to go. Also, it’s important to know the style that you want to learn before enrolling for the best martial art for self defense.


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