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Top basketball drills for beginners

Top basketball drills for beginners

Top Basketball Drills For Beginners


If you are a basketball coach or you are trying to teach your children basketball, I’ve got some exercises for you. These drills will help someone get the hang of it, young or old.

Have your players form three lines a few feet from the basket. If you use both ends of the court, so the players can get more shots. You can have the players take turns making shots at different angles. Use this drill to practice shots at different angles to get in the basket.

There are many different games you can play while performing drills with your players. 


Passing Drills

  1. 50 Passes

For this one, divide your players into two teams on the court. Have the teams play keep away with each other without dribbling. The goal is to get 50 passes; they don’t have to be consecutive.


  2. Speed Passing

For this drill, set up pairs of players with one ball per group. Have each team see how many passes they can make in 30 seconds. Try different types of passes such as from the chest or bouncing or overhead.


  3. Chair Game

Divide the players into two equal teams with a chair under each basket, and have one player sit in each chair. Have each team try to make passes to the teammate sitting in the chair. Switch goalies periodically.


Shooting Drills

Divide the players into pairs about 10 feet apart. Have them pretend like they are shooting an imaginary basket above their partner. Go back and forth between each player in the pair.

Repeat this between 10 and 50 times. This is a great way to observe how each player is shooting. Coaches can walk up and down the lines and give shooting tips along the way.


  1. Bombs Away

Divide the team into groups of three, and place them between eight and thirteen feet away from the basket. Have the players take shots from different angles.

Then, they can go after the rebound and pass it to the next person in line. Play this game for a set amount of time. You can even keep track of how many shots they have made to turn it into a competition.


  2. V-Cut Passing And Shooting

Divide the team in half. Arrange the players in two lines on either side of the court. Have the first player in line making a “V-Cut” at the baseline.

Player two passes the ball to player one, and then player one shoots. The player gets his own rebound, and gives it to player four. Repeat the players for as long as desired.


  3. Bombs Away

This one is similar. Set up three lines of players from 8 to 13 feet away from the hoop. Have players take a shot from each of their spots.

Then, have them go after their own rebound and pass it to the next person in line. The other person goes to the end of the line. You can play this for a set amount of time to practice shooting.


  4. Pass And Cut

Divide your players into two teams facing the basket. One line will pass and cut to the basket. The other line will pass and rebound. The player does a layup.


  5. Two Line Layup Drill

This drill also requires the players to divide themselves into two lines. One line does the layups and the other line does the passing and rebounding. The first two players in the layup line have a ball. The first player dribbles and tries to shoot a layup.

Then, the shooter joins the rebound line and the rebounder goes to the shooting line. You can keep doing this until every player has had a shot, or you can do it during a practice.


Footwork Drills


Footwork drills are also very important. Footwork allows players to slash toward the buck and stay in front of the other players. Children under the age of 10 may not have the coordination for this. Spend 15-20 minutes on footwork during each practice.

For each stance, put your weight on your whole foot. Place your feet shoulder width apart and pointing towards the outside. Bend your arms and knees while doing this. Keep your arms in close towards your body.


Drills to jump higher

One of the important things that need to be learned in the high jump in basketball.

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Offensive Triple Threat Position

For this position, use the stance tips above. You’re trying to get the ball as close to your armpit as possible. You can practice these stances with or without the ball.


Defensive Stance

You can still use the same stance, but use hands to actively follow the ball. Just remember to move the feet, since you are following the ball.


Offense And Defense

These drills can help teach your players to be in the offensive or defensive lines. Every player can learn some about offense and defense.


  1. 3 on 2 or 2 on 1

Divide the players into three lines and have them stand at the baseline. Three of the players will work to get the ball down the court and score on players four and five.


  2. 2 on 2

Divide the players into two lines and have them stand under the basket. Place two players out on the court. One of the players under the basket will roll the ball out towards one of the players on the court.

Once one of the players on the court gets the ball, the two players in line come out to play with them. Switch up the players after one shot is made.


  3. No Dribble

This is a fairly simple drill. Basically, you just play either three on three or five on five depending on how many players you have. Play a scrimmage without any dribbling. Another variation can be done by allowing the players to dribble on the back court.


  4. Numbers Game

Divide the players into two lines, and assign them numbers for each team. The coach will call a number, and the players from each line with that number come out.

The player who gets the ball first is on offense and tries to score a basket past the coach. Each player gets one shot. You can mix it up by playing with two players from each line.

Top basketball drills for beginners

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