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10 Important Tips on How to Jump Higher in Basketball

10 Important Tips on How to Jump Higher in Basketball

10 Important Tips on How to Jump Higher in Basketball

Since when you were young, you must have had several dreams concerning how you would like your life to be. This often adds more glory and recognition to you as it portrays you in a better way to other people. Usually, it is most probable that you built a keen interest in some games, and it is undoubted that most of these games need dedication and proper practice for one to be successful in a perfect way. Concerning this, you can bear me a witness that basketball is one of the most enjoyable and liked game which is played by many people from all walks of life.

If you love playing basketball very much, then I’m pretty sure that you understand that how high you jump when shooting the ball plays a crucial point in your winning. If you have been admiring to jump high while playing basketball, then worry no more since this article will educate you on how to jump higher in basketball.

Don’t think that jumping vertically high is magic, on the contrary, it is very real. Jumping very high is simply possible when you put more power on the ground when you are preparing to jump. You should realize that the higher you try to push the ground down before jumping with the legs, the harder the ground will push you back off the air. This is the fundamental law of force in jumping as every action usually has equal opposite reaction.

Here are some few tips that will help you in knowing how to jump higher in basketball:

1. Warm up.

It is advisable that you do some warm ups before the game starts. You can take about ten minutes and do some light jogging so as to get your legs warmed up. You should realize that if you want to shine from the beginning of your game to the end, you need to consider this as an excellent tip. Warming up before a game will not only increase your vertical jumps by 4 inches but also reduce the risks of getting hurt in the match.

2. Stiffen your body when preparing to jump.

It is very obvious that you need to harden your body when preparing to jump. This is an essential consideration which most players blindly miss. You need to understand that, the stiffer your body is before jumping, the harder you will push the ground hence jumping higher.

3. Put on the right shoesHow to Jump Higher in Basketball 1

Most people do not understand that putting on the right shoes can help them play better. You should wear shoes that are well fitting; a little tight but not very tight. You should also lace up tight. The reason behind this is very clear, loose or extra tight shoes will hinder the power you will exert on the ground before jumping.
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4. You should learn to hold your breath just before jumping

Holding your breath before you jump is very crucial as it will help you to stiffen further your body making you even to push much harder off the ground.

5. Always concentrate on your Leg Muscles.

It is evident that the muscles on your legs play a significant part in helping you to jump higher. You should know that, despite the general belief that jogging and running build these muscles, it is not the case. Yes, these activities do increase your stamina, but they often break down your legs instead of building them.

Two important leg exercises will strengthen your leg muscles. You should concentrate on dead lifting and squatting. These workouts will be very helpful to your legs as well as your whole body. Growth homes are usually released when one does these exercises. However, you should be very careful to do them correctly to avoid hurting yourself.

6. Swing your arms while jumping.

Jumping higher not only concentrates on the leg workouts but also on the arms. You should consider swinging your arms as you jump. This will give enough momentum that is required while shooting.

Start jumping while your arms are straight and as soon you crouch down, swing them down. When you explode into the air, swing up your arms as high as possible. Practice this for several times as possible and with time your arms will swing naturally, and you will be able to jump higher in the game.

7. Have a good eating habit.

If you want to jump higher in basketball, you should eat healthy food. Never eat food with a lot of fat content or cheese as this will adversely affect your metabolic system. You can also ask your physician the foods that are fit for you.

8. Doing a rebounding drill.

This is another important area that can help you to jump higher when playing basketball. You can work on an easy drill for rebounding. You can toss your ball off the backboard and go up as high as possible to catch the ball. While in the air, try to tap the ball against the backboard using your two hands.

9. Learn your jumping style.

There are two styles of jumping; power and speed jumping. Knowing your style will greatly help your trainer to know the directions you need to assist you to jump higher.

For speed jumpers, they need to do more of squats as they will help them to jump better since their legs will be naturally pushed higher into the air. For the power jumpers, they have the natural strength needed to jumper great so they should work on exercises that need a constant motion.

10. Do some jumping exercises.

Doing adequate jumping exercises is good. You should jump as many times as possible while you are warming up for the basketball game. Jumping exercise is a very easy exercise, and anyone can do it. You simply need to take a closer position to the ground and then try to jump as high as you can. When you do many jumping exercises, your capacity to leap higher increases. You can also practice jumping through skipping rope.

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If you follow these tips on how to jump higher in basketball, you will come to realize that slam dunk in basketball is not impossible as it is something that you can master and do. With regular exercises, you will be able to jump high like the basketball stars that you admire.

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